Finding the beauty in the perfectly, imperfect.

I want people to feel like they can always come to this site to find the most beautiful and unique fashion accessories. I want them to feel connected to a community that is here to empower them to achieve their goals, in style.
— CEO/Founder

The Idea

When it comes to boutiques, I walk into many stores and see jewelry and clothes labeled "exotic" or "cultural" without any reference or homage paid to the community it comes from. Often times, the origins of many fashions trends are often blurred. Being a woman of color, I've experienced this firsthand. I have seen through my own education, that our story is often untold or left out of history books. This fueled a fire in me that has been burning since I was a little girl.

Every time I have traveled to Latin America or the Caribbean, I am in awe of the beauty I see. I always encounter the most beautiful jewelry and handmade accessories that you simply cannot find in the States. The beauty of those accessories tells a story of the people in those communities, making the art even more fantastic. I have worked with well-recognized fashion brands and know how much both African and Latin American culture influence style. However this expertise and creative often goes unappreciated. I started SOLSIS with a vision to change this in the fashion industry. I want to encourage authentic fashion and pay homage to the cultures that created it.

- Joyce ‘JoJo’ Arias // Founder

Style & Quality

SOLSIS is a boutique where you can experience exceptional fashion and colorful cultures. Our products and their marketing are what make SOLSIS unique. As a fashion blogger, I stay abreast of fashion trends and keep an eye out for pieces I feel like the consumer wants and needs. I choose exclusive items from all over the world, that will evoke a sense beauty and connection with the consumer. SOLSIS offers products for both women and men, such as jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.), hats, purses, handbags, and apparel (coming soon). We want people to come online and feel like they can revamp their wardrobe with ease.

100% Handmade Jewelry and Accessories

Our curated selection of jewelry from the Dominican Republic and Ghana are both handmade and eco-friendly. The story behind our products is what sets us apart from other boutiques. For example, our line of handbags from the Dominican Republic are made with the stems of water lilies, which reduce flooding in water canals caused by excess rain. Coconuts are also used to create beautiful jewelry and recyclable household items, as artisans trim waste from the coconut jelly!

Our liquid lipstick is 100% vegan and cruelty free. It is important that we cherish the earth as much as we possibly can and it’s our mission to help you find fashion accessories and beauty products that you can be proud of wearing!